The New Standard in
Pre-Deal Research Delivery

Faster delivery. Substantial savings. Timely and equitable access. The inherent advantages of electronic delivery are substantial. ResearchFN extends them further by offering a host of additional features and benefits — all while complying with the latest distribution guidelines and banking compliance requirements.


Improved Investor Experience

ResearchFN extends the phases of the IPO process investors can access online, whilst ensuring that research and deal information are not co-mingled in any way, nor presented "under the same cover." This includes pre-deal research reports in addition to marketing, analyst, management presentations, as well as receiving preliminary and final prospectuses.

Additionally, investors can now access all their reports from syndicate banks aggregated in one location and accessible from one account. Immediate, convenient and secure. Tools within ResearchFN allow them to sort and search content as well as mark-up content just as if they had a paper report.

System Security

Research data and documentation is redundantly stored and backed up securely. Account management is handled through NetRoadshow’s trusted authentication and authorization security services.

Next-gen Conferencing

Connecting with the buy side is now even easier. ResearchFN can also include conference calls, with in-region expertise across the globe 24/7.

Geographic Compliance

Four distinct layers of security confirm that only invited users in non-restricted countries can access your pre-deal research.