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When it comes to supporting your interactions with investors during your IPO, no one provides a greater level of expertise than NetRoadshow. We help you move quickly and flawlessly, ensuring that the process is seamless, secure and compliant.


We’re dedicated to doing everything possible to make your transition from paper to electronic pre-deal research easy. During and after the onboarding process, our team works closely with you, providing around-the-clock availability to ensure that you have access to the people, materials and answers you need, 24/7/365. If you need assistance, please click here, or refer to our frequently asked questions.

Managing Your Account

To create an account, simply select the “Create an Account” option from the sign-in page. Fill in the questionnaire with your credentials, and submit the form. You will use this email and password to log in to view your research.

Go to our Login page. There you will enter your authorised corporate email address and the password you created during registration. Simply click “Sign In” and agree to the disclaimer stating you do not conduct business in the United States. Failure to comply may constitute a violation of United States securities laws.

After you log into the portal, select the company name whose research you want to view, and select the name of the manager whose research you would like to access. The documents available from that manager will appear in the panel on the right side of the screen.

If you forget your password please go to the Password Reset Request page and enter your email address. An email will be sent to your authorised corporate email address, with instructions on how to create your new password.

Accessing ResearchFN

When a document is posted by ResearchFN, you will receive an email notification that a report has been uploaded to the platform. This notification will go out only to investors on the bank’s approved email list, which is given to NetRoadshow for distribution.

Your email notification will contain an embedded link. When you click the link, you will be asked to log in and agree to all necessary disclaimers. Once you agree, you will be brought directly to the relevant report.

You must read and agree to the relevant bank’s disclaimer prior to accessing the report.


Logins and views (of both the disclaimers and reports) are tracked and recorded by the platform. Each time the report is accessed, it will be watermarked with the email address of the person accessing it and his/her IP address.

Different banks have different practices and we can accommodate your individual preference. Each time the report is accessed, it will be watermarked with the user’s email address, as well as his/her IP address. As a user, you are provided with a countdown of how many days are left in which to print the document.

Information Governance

The FCA changes are seeking to restore the primacy of the prospectus as the key source for data that drives an investment decision. As such, the IPO process has been re-sequenced, with company research now following the distribution of the Registration Statement (replacing the ‘Pathfinder’ prospectus). Furthermore, the banks are now obliged to ensure ‘unconnected’ (ie independent) research analysts are invited into the process and given access to ‘identical’ information as the connected analysts in order to write their reports.

NetRoadshow supports the IPO process from inception through to launch. As such, we can support both UK and international processes with our ResearchFN and NetRoadshow solutions.  These solutions can be used in any order, and therefore will satisfy FCA requirements, and those of international regulators in terms of sequencing.  Our clients also use the NetRoadshow platform to satisfy the requirement to provide identical information to connected and unconnected analysts.  We now host analyst presentations with updates, consolidated Q&A reports, multiple 1-2-1 and conference call transcripts, corporate and management videos and financial results.

Currently, investment banks use multiple distribution methods, ranging from print production and courier distribution to Bloomberg and email.  NetRoadshow allows for the seamless distribution of documents and is used globally by leading banks for equity prospectus, private placement, offering memoranda and circular distribution. One of the key advantages is that the investor list resides on our platform, meaning it is simple to choose which document or content (could be audio or video) to share and when.

Banks choose NetRoadshow, as we offer a simple yet powerful way to cast a wider – and easier – distribution net, while remaining compliant.

We can move as quickly as our client requires us to. Typically, ITF’s are announced early in the morning, for example, around 7am.  We then receive the green light to distribute content from ‘nominated’ individuals for reasons of security, following which the email invitations to view reports are dispatched.

Part of the ‘soft’ value we offer is the expertise and experience built up in managing such distributions globally: from lists as small as 100, up to 60,000+ for some ECM transactions. This is against a backdrop of an ever tighter, and more challenging landscape, for mass email distributions.

It is very typical to have additional investor names added post initial distribution (up to the point of the Blackout kicking in), and it is easily facilitated.

This is an example of a new regulatory requirement being solved with existing and proven solutions. NetRoadshow pioneered both the online and video ‘NetRoadshow’.  We have also provided transcription services for over 10 years.  This means we can satisfy any deal requirement from simple documentation content sharing with transcription, through to full audio-visual production with content synchronisation.

We collaborated for three years with leading legal and compliance professionals in investment banks to create ResearchFN. During this collaboration, we learned a lot about the sensitivity to what can and should be measured.  This is why high-level delivery and access, through to detailed page level analytics are available.

However, we understand that it must be Compliance in the driving seat in determining who should have access to what. Our platforms have been developed to meet those stringent standards.

We are flexible when supporting different asks from compliance teams, and can provide auditable trails of information, and control who accesses what and when. Banks can choose how in-depth they want to go.

The Blackout period can be configured by deal to the guidelines (and indeed the hosting period in general).  Once the Blackout period commences, we can block any attempt to distribute to additional investors.

Regarding pre-deal research distribution, NetRoadshow pioneered a new concept with the bulge bracket investment banks, and many regional leaders, back in 2014. Following a three-year consultation and development process, we then launched ResearchFN in 2017.

During the consultation, we overcame the compliance requirement to separate research and deal data.

We split the prospectus/roadshow from the research report by distributing over distinct and separate channels – NetRoadshow and ResearchFN. Both channels are accessible from the same account.

We provide 24×7 technical support to our customers and end users. Please click here for any assistance.